We have the ​Perfect Recipe for Continuous Automation

       ​Build, Deploy and Manage your Applications and Infrastructure at Speed​ 

​​Deliver ALL Your Infrastructure,  ANY APP, ANYWHERE. CONTINUOUSLY. 

Chef Automate helps overcome the complexity to build, manage, and deploy better, faster, and safer. Commit to deploy in minutes, decrease failure rates by 50% and deliver on demand compliance audits all with the help of Chef Automate.




While continuous delivery is the overall goal for companies to remain competitive, remaining compliant becomes a challenge. Inspec and Chef Automate help you meet compliance requirements by allowing you to generate customizable reports that identify compliance related issues, risk and even outdated software. The compliance feature includes a variety of predefined rules and will even allow you to customize your own. Ask us how you can increase quality and velocity while decreasing risk with automated compliance assurance.    ​  

Chef Automate provides views into operational, compliance, and work flow events through a customizable dashboard.  Now you can monitor and visualize node status and convergence events which can be filtered in the UI while being shared and saved for future reference. Ask us how Chef Automate will enable visibility into your infrastructure.

​Chef Automate workflow includes a pipeline for continuous delivery with the ability to manage changes to both infrastructure and application code. Built upon DevOps practices, Chef gives operation and development teams a common way to develop, test, and deploy cookbooks, applications, and more. Ask us how Chef Automate will improve your DevOps workflow with safe deployment at high velocity.

Chef Automate Integrates with Your Current Tools

Whether you're operating physically or virtually, Chef enables you to configure, deploy and manage your infrastructure across your network, no matter its size. 
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    Build and Manage
    Package: Create reusable building blocks that can be used in multiple stacks Configure: Automatically ensure the code you’ve written matches the state of the infrastructure you’re managing. Test: Automatically test that your systems remain in compliance.
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    Local Development: Developers can validate their code on non-critical systems with fast feedback loops to catch issues earlier. Integration: Ensure changes are tested against downstream dependencies to prevent unforeseen failures in production. Approve with Workflow: A common workflow ensures all change is tested and approved with the same rigor and speed. Chef Automate ensures changes are only deployed once properly approved.
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    Chef Automate: Build automated pipelines to enable continuous delivery
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