What is DevOps?

DevOps (development and operations) is an enterprise software development phrase used to mean a type of agile relationship between Development and IT Operations, and even testing. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between the business units. DevOps is an enterprise capability that enables the continuous delivery, deployment and monitoring of applications.

Yash Solutions Customized DevOps Platform Services

The value we provide in the DevOps space is to integrate new or existing technologies & tools into a single environment.  This environment will allow your developers and testers to work collaboratively, what this means to the business is frequent application releases using better quality code.   We evaluate your environment, design a blue print and build a new environment that will get you to the desired state.  The key benefit in working with Yash Solutions is that you will not have the limitations of relying on any single technology.  Testers & developers will be able to stand up environments on demand, share book marks and roll back data to any point in time.  We can provide added features such as: work flow management, self healing automation, masking, monitoring, maintenance & security.  The environments can be implemented on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.  Our crawl, walk & run approach moves at your pace.  This is a great way to implement a DevOps methodology that can expand across the entire enterprise.  Our subject matter experts will integrate the tools and technologies so you can automate them simotaniously rather than as stand alone tools.  We also provide ongoing development & support for the environments as needed.  Our offerings include: Customized Open Source Platform Services, Consulting & Contingent Labor for DevOps tools and technologies.        

Business Value

At Yash Solutions we seek to understand your business processes, environment and goals.

Our solutions are geared to accelerate projects with innovation & agility resulting in  3x fewer failures / 66% faster bug fixes (Industry Averages)

The key goal is provide a better user experience with higher quality applications & quicker upgrades.   


DevOps Tool Map
  1. Source Code Management
    Using version control software programmers use several approaches for software development. Locally, developers must all use the same computer system, which may be the revision control system. In a distributed model, developers work directly with a local repository, where individual source code revisions are collected. Developers then update the central repository with local revisions so that revisions can be shared.
  2. Continuous Integration
    Continuous Integration workflow can be triggered upon a source code check-in, kicking off a compile/link (build), running code analysis, deploying to an endpoint and running tests. In Continuous Delivery, each environment may have their own Continuous Integration workflow that performs the steps needed.
  3. Configuration Management
    Tracking and controlling changes in the software, part of the larger cross-disciplinary field of configuration management.
  4. Build
    Continuous Delivery pushes the frequency of releases. This final paradigm shift, moves away from the old approach to one-off scripting, into full automation.
  5. Test
    Continuous Test automates testing so developers and/or testers can run through critical functional test, and code analysis to provide feedback on the readiness of those binaries.
  1. Continuous Deployment
    Continuous Deployment automates the movement of those binaries to any endpoint in any environment and supports server configuration management, all performed on an incremental basis with feedback showing the inventory and the changes.
  2. Monitoring
    Monitoring targets fall into several primary categories: Application log output, server health, development milestones, vulnerabilities, deployments, and user activity.
  3. Containers
    Provide DevOps Teams with the ability to group applications and their dependencies together. It makes it possible to build software applications in testing environments that will reflect real-world scenarios. The key benefit is to build software applications without the churn involved in multiple deployments across disparate systems.
  1. DevOps
    Yash Solutions offers innovative software for DevOps. Our clients utilize the latest technology to virtualize their development and testing data. This allows developers quick access to stand up full copies in minutes. It also provides the ability to rewind and book mark at a point in time with the best quality data.
  2. Test Data Management Cloud
    Our TDM Cloud solution is designed for development and testing on demand. We mirror your production environment and provide access to a selection of testing tools based on your particular needs.
  3. Data Governance
    Our data governance solution allows power users to determine access levels for data across the enterprise. This will also reduce risk as the data is masked.
  4. Transformation
    We offer technology that transforms your enterprise IT environment while yielding a significant return on investment. If you are looking to reduce your overhead and labor costs we have the perfect solution. You will realize significant cost avoidance in the first year of use.

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