YashOne IT Platform Supporting The Lines of Business

Visualization, Collaberation & Automation 
  1. Transparency
    YashOne provides access in real time to view all aspects of IT from the C-Level throughout the organization.
  2. Automation
    Using your technologies combined with best of breed tools we run automation in the background of our user interface.
  3. Collaberation
    Users are able to view deployments, fixes & code while sharing valuable insights.
  4. Governance
    We set policies for viewing capabilities. Customized pages are established depending on your role in the organization.
  5. Data & Code in sync
    Leveraging data on demand we provide access to roll to any point in time prior to any bugs. This gives developers & testers immediate access to the best quality data.
  6. Security
    We utilize your existing security technologies into our platform aligning with your on premise policies.